By Jon Egie



Chief Ighoyota Amori

Chief Ighoyota Amori

Chief Ighoyota Amori, the Special Adviser to the acting national chairman of the PDP on conflict resolutions has described the APC as a satanic political party.


Chief Amori made the remak during an interview with Spy News Online in Ofuoma-Ughelli, Delta state when he joined Dr Isaac Akpoveta, a PDP chieftain in thanking God over the latter’s appointment as Chairman, Governing Council, Delta Contributory Health Insurance Commission; Sunday, May 8.


Asked if he would on behalf of the PDP accept the blames of the ruling APC claiming that the PDP was responsible for the current economic woes of the country, Amori said the PDP did the best the party could do for the country and rejected the APC blames.


“From 1999 to 2015, the PDP led government brought goodies to this country but from 2015 till date you can see that the difference in the governance of this country is clear. You can weigh whether the PDP led government was better than what you see today.


“We thank Buhari for what he is doing today but Nigerians are there to evaluate whether Jonathan was better or Buhari is better. You know that there is no government right now, everything has collapsed, this is quite different from when Jonathan and the PDP led government was in place. Poverty has increased, the value of the naira to the dollar has fallen hopelessly, there is no employment, hunger everywhere, kidnapping rate has increased, Fulani herdsmen are on rampage and Buhari being a Fulani man the herdsmen are taking advantage of his being the president to unleash terror on innocent Nigerians be it in Agatu, Enugu, Nasarawa, Benue, Delta or anywhere. This has never happened, it did not happen in the time of Jonathan. So, this is the Nigeria of Buhari for you and Nigerians now know that Jonathan was God-sent.


“There is a difference between God and Satan, we have a satanic government right now in Nigeria compared to the God-sent government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan and that tells you that the chances of the PDP reclaiming power in 2019 are very bright because the APC or whatever they call themselves is satanic while the PDP is a God-sent political party and the people now know it and will vote the PDP back into power in 2019.”


Reminded that the APC is making boasts of taking over the government of Delta in 2019, Chief Amori said the APC could take over another Delta anywhere else but not Delta state of Nigeria.


“They can take over Delta in another place; you know there are many Delta in the world but certainly not this Delta State of Nigeria. They can take over the Delta in China but in this Delta here, forget it.”


Asked to comment on the 2016 national budget which was recently signed by President Buhari, Amori expressed pessimism on the budget’s ability to take Nigeria out of the woods.



Dr Isaac Akpoveta

Dr Isaac Akpoveta

Meanwhile, Dr Akpoveta in a separate interview expressed appreciation to God for the appointment and thanked the state governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for recognising him for the appointment.


He explained that the health contributory scheme entails that every Delta in all nooks and corners of the state no matter how poor, whether you have money in your pocket or not, you should be able to access quality, affordable health care.


He said the scheme works on the simple concept of insurance where many people contribute and very few benefit at a time.


“In the health insurance scheme you pay very little money, say N500 per day or N1000 per month, whatever agreement is reached, government will complement that value and then you can go to hospital and receive treatment far and above the amount you have contribute.


“The government of Delta will ensure that every Deltan contributes little and complements the balance, give out ID cards and with the ID you can walk into the hospital and receive adequate, quality health care where ever you are, even in your own village, the health centres will be well equipped, without waiting for you to borrow money before you go there, you can access health care without money in your pocket.


According to him, Deltans will be asked to do their biometrics registration and with that registration you are covered. He assured of transparency in the process saying the difference between the health scheme and such others as housing scheme is “you pay your money today you receive health care tomorrow; you consume your money almost immediately unlike when you pay for housing scheme and execute the project in ten years later. So, there is no money left behind for fraud. You know how much you paid; you choose the hospital of your choice and walk in there to receive your treatment. It is clearly transparent procedure and before the end of this month, the scheme will start” he said.