Hon  Amos Itiwhe

Hon Amos Itiwhe

Hon. Amos Itiwhe was the coordinator of the Okowa Camgaign Committee in the just concluded April 11, governorship election. Against the backdrop of claims by the opposition that the election was fraught with irregularities and hence called for its cancellation, Itiwhe says, no, that the election was free and fair and believes there will be no re-run election for Delta State.




Hon. Itiwhe, you were the coordinator of Okowa campaign organisation in Ughelli South am I right?

Yes, I was the coordinator of Okowa campaign committee in Ughelli South.


The election is come and gone, there has been victory recorded, some people won and some lost but with the grab of power at the national the APC, we learnt, is rattling the PDP to the extent that the PDP at the national is crying out and worried about the way APC is attempting to upturn the result of the election and grab the states that the PDP has won. How do you react to the threat of the APC especially in Delta State?

Well, thank you very much. I as a person do not see any threat in that because the APC in Delta State is a drowning party and they are looking for somewhere to hang onto. You cannot imagine a PDP candidate polling 720,00 votes as against the APC that scored just 67,000 votes, how can such a person say they want to upturn the result? Deltans in their usual way supported the PDP, not only supporting PDP, they supported the candidate of the PDP because the candidate perse is a mather in an election. You see the candidate in Dr. Okowa is an acceptable household name across the state. So, I imagine where 67,000 persons can upturn the 720,000 votes scored by Dr. Okowa of the PDP. I just feel that is a mere threat and I do believe too that with the President-elect, Gen. Buhari of the APC at the top all will be well unless they want to turn this country to another battle field and that means they will be calling for disintegration and if they say the country should be divided fine. When Goodluck was in power there were other APC states in the country but Goodluck did not say he wanted to take those states by force to PDP states. It is by the ballot box, it is not by guns and even if it is by guns they cannot even do it because they do not have the support. So, it is just crying foul when there is nothing and I do believe that Emerhor as a person does not have the wherewithal, the support base in Delta not to talk of the APC because Emerhor is the symbol of the APC in Delta and even if they call for a re-run today, he cannot make it. If they call for a re-run Okowa will get double of his earlier votes which will give you about 1.5million votes. If it is a lie let him try but I know for sure that the court in their own wisdom cannot say somebody who has 67,000 votes or there about to ask for the cancellation of the results of an election where the winner got over 720,000 votes. If they remove 67,000 from 720,000 the man still has a margin of about 600,000 votes.


But they are nullifying the figures claimed by the PDP, they say it is fictitious, it was cooked, that PVC and card reader capture at the national indicated that the figure claimed by the PDP is fabulous and that is the evidence they are holding to the tribunal.


The question I want to ask is was the election of Buhari free? In a situation where Buhari polled 1.9million votes under four hours in Kano is it practically possible with the use of card readers? It is a question they should ask themselves. So, the issue of analysing the votes scored in Delta to be fake, they can do that and come out with results that are not real. For me, the court is there and we are very confident that we will come out victorious at the end of the day.


Do you not believe that there will be a re-run?

Certainly no re-run.


And the election will not be cancelled?

No, no, no. not at all because the margin is so wide that a competent court of jurisdiction in this country to say …. It is just like the story of the two women in the bible; one says they should divide the child the other says they should not divide the child, the one that says they should divide the child is not the owner of the child, so it is clear, APC does not have Delta and they know it therefore, the issue of calling for a re-run is inhuman, wicked and undemocratic.


How would you advise your PDP faithful on this subject matter?

They should be calm and be confident that Okowa will win at the tribunal on matter how they want to come in and thank God, Buhari does not want to interfere with the democratic process in states so I do believe that he will not interfere and if they push that man to do the contrary God will answer them by fire.


Thank you very much.