By Jon Egie




Chief Ighoyota Amori stressing a point during the meeting

Chief Ighoyota Amori stressing a point during the meeting

“I bring you greetings from the governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan. He has asked me to undertake a sensitization tour of the 25 LGAs of Delta State within ten days and I want to specially thank the good people of Ughelli North LGA for their support during the last election.



“The tour is very necessary to reassure the PDP members that come rain, come shine, PDP will remain in power. I have come to let you know that it is not in our widest dream to let power go. I am here to tell you that for a very long time PDP will continue to occupy this local government secretariat. The current acting chairman, Friday Akpoyibo will hand over to Ogwa (Kenneth Ibru) and Ogwa will hand over to another PDP member and so on and so forth.



“Never a time will another party take over the Ughelli North LG council. Ughelli North will continue to be PDP forever. The votes of Ughelli North in the last election must be guarded for further development to follow.



These were the words of Chief Ighoyota Amori, Political Adviser to Governor Uduaghan when he paid a sensitization visit to PDP members in Ughelli, Friday, Sept. 26 at the LG council secretariat.



Amori said since 1999 when the PDP took power in Ughelli North there has been tremendous development in the area stressing “and when you see things like these you know the value of your party being in power”.



The PDP, he said, has caused development in the infrastructure and human capital and having been in the government so far “we cannot think of leaving government.



It is on the basis of holding  fast to the reins of governance that the Delta State governor directed the POLAD to go out and prepare the PDP members before the next LG elections to be ready to protect their own.


Amori said soon after the PDP primaries for the local election were held there have been grumbling  and anger “but I urge you people to remain calm as there is no way one can make Omellete without breaking eggs.



“Eggs have been broken but we will have to take it like that. Those who are angry can go to angry peoples congress or those who want to labour in vain can go to Labour Party. But anger will not help us because Moses lost the Promised Land because of anger. Bear and tolerate because anger does not pay, when it comes to your turn you will be made what you want to be. Afterall, I have been a victim of the Omellete. When I ran for Senate those who did not print posters won and I managed myself. Anger is not good.



“The governor has asked me to appeal to all those who were short changed by some of us not to be angry. God asked us to short change you for PDP to win. A time will come when you will short change others. You short change, I short change, it is turn by turn.



“It is good to be in power, for your party to remain in power. Come October 25, the local government election will be 22 over 22; 20 councillors, one vice chairman and one chairman all for PDP. The election will be on Saturday, October 25 and at 8am on Monday, October 27 it will be swearing in of all the PDP candidates. Any body who is pretending that PDP will share her political glory with anybody is a liar” Amori declared.



At this point he asked all the councillorship candidates of the PDP to stand up for identification and when that was done, he declared them all elected adding, “PDP will not concede a hair of a councillor to anybody. It is better to be with us rather than wasting money to print posters. Please tell them that we consider our councillorship and cha  rmanship candidates elected already and they are awaiting swearing in” Amori boasted.