By Ese Adagbra




Amitaye handing over the hospital equipment to Dr Isaac Mukoro and Mr Peter Obire

Amitaye handing over the hospital equipment to Dr Isaac Mukoro and Mr Peter Obire

The Commissioner representing Sapele, Okpe and Ethiope West in the board of Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Hon. Jonathan Amitaye has disclosed that in line with the SMART Agenda of the Delta State Government and effort to eradicate some preventable but killer diseases from his catchment areas he has on behalf of DESOPADEC donated hospital equipment worth millions of naira to all the Health Centres in Okpe Local Government Area.


Making the gesture at Aragba Health Centre, Hon. Amitaye disclosed that “you notice our people die from common sickness like malaria fever even child birth, the health centres are closer to our people than the general hospital, DESOPADEC bought hospital equipment for all oil producing communities, these ones are to be distributed to all the health centres in Okpe Local Government Area for the safety and health care of our people.”


Honourable Amitaye also assured that in the next couple of days, he is going distribute textbooks and notebooks to schools in his catchment areas, just as he disclosed that the commission has been constructing classroom blocks for schools in Delta State even though he made it clear that the Commission is not out to take over the job of the Ministry of Education but stressed that as soon pupils and students settle down fully, the distribution of the books would commenced.


“Within the next 3 weeks, we will begin the distribution of notebooks and textbooks to pupils in our catchment areas, all in a bid to improve the quality of education.


He added that chairs and desks were also distributed to Remand Home in Sapele by the Managing Director of DESOPADEC, Chief Williams Makinde “we are going round, where we notice our intervention is necessary we will include it in our budget and intervene. Ours is intervention and we are doing this to our people based on the resources available to us”

Hon. Amitaye stated that the equipment were enough to serve about seven out of all the health care centres in Okpe Local Government Area “what we are giving is what we notice that they don’t have so I believe they will be distributed among all the health centres, what we are doing now shall be done in Sapele and Ethiope West.”


While distribution of books will start with Oghara, Jesse before moving to Sapele and Okpe, he further disclosed that transformer was given to Jesse community before the Xmas and stressed that he has done some intervention works in SHELL, Akintola and Okpe Roads as well.


“Within the next 2 weeks we are going to have town hall meetings to discuss with the people of our mandate areas in order to know what they need, we will only give them what they need. Some need to ask then what they need most that is what we will do for them, the needs are many but resources are scarce, so we will give them their priority needs based on the available resources”.


He assured that the priority of the present board is to complete all abandoned and on- going projects of the Commission all over the state.


Hon. Amitaye urged the people to make judicious use of the equipment to the benefit of the people of Okpe.


Dr. Isaac Mukoro, Head of Health Department and Supervising Councillor for Health, Okpe L.G.A. who represented the council chairman received the equipment and thanked Hon. Amitaye and DESOPADEC and promised to make the judicious use of the equipment.


Some of the hospital equipment donated include: foams, beds, pillows, bedspreads and pillows cases, baby beds, electrical sterilizers, auto Claire, instrument trolleys, ward screen examination torches, weighing scales, baby weighing scales, refrigerators, stenotype and surgery instrument.