By Abavo Kingsley, Benin



Ahor people appealing to Oba of Benin for intervention

People of Ahor village, Uhunmwode Local Government Council Area, Edo State, on Monday alleged encroachment on the boundary between them and its neighbor; Eyaen, by the Enogie HRH Osazuwa Iduriase Aiwerioghene.

They claimed that from time immemorial, both villages had the natural feature of moat as their boundary.

But they recently discovered that Enogie Iduriase had encroached on their land after filling the moat at different points with sand and have started selling to unsuspecting buyers.

Protesting the encroachment, the people carried placards of various inscriptions; ‘Enogie of Eyaen, stop the trespass of  Ahor land’, ‘The moat is the boundary between Ahor and Eyaen’, ‘Enogie of Eyaen, leave Ahor land alone,’ ‘The moat is our historical boundary’ amongst others.

The people led by the Odionwere, (village/District Head) Osaro Edo Aghimien appeal, the Monarch should intervene to determine the true boundary as it was from origin.

Omorodion Osazuwa, Chief Uyimwen Obasogie, Patience Aghimien, Osaro Edoloyi, Osagbokan Uwamere said they do not want anything that will disrupt the peace prevalent in Ahor hence the appeal.

They emphasized: “Enogie Osazuwa Iduriase Aiwerioghene has filled the moat that serve as boundary between Ahor and Eyaen with sand at more than three different points; back of RCC, and pipeline.”

Enogie Aiwerioghene spoke through the Odionwere, Pa. Imagbenikaro Igbinosun, and secretary, Osaro Iseleomo in reaction.

He denied the allegation saying a moat do not exist between Eyaen and Ahor as boundary.

What Ahor people claim to be moat and boundary is only an undulating land, he added.

The allegation that he filled the moat which serves as boundary between them at more than three different points with sand to erase it is not true, Enogie Awerioghene said.