By Jon Egie

Dr. Abel Arhoghene Avwokerega

Dr. Abel Arhoghene Avwokerega

Succor is on the way for patients of HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases as Dr. Abel Arhoghene Avwokerega has discovered and promised treatment of all those affected by the dreaded diseases, world wide.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the physician who claims he radiates treatment to the patients from his base world wide said there is no limit to the sickness he cures.

H e said his method of treatment of diseases is focused on the breadth of life which God gave to man to make him a living being.

He boasted that he can replace a damage heart without physical contact with the patient wherever he is in the world simply by accessing the store of human parts kept in reserve by God and replacing it with the damaged part.

“If men created by God has the initiative and wisdom to make provision for spare parts for the automobile and other machinery they make, do you think God did not make spare parts for man? Human beings have spare parts in abundance; there is sufficient supply of them in the air. No man can make blood because blood is air and it is only when you study the source of air that you can know where blood comes from.” H e explained.’

Among other diseases he said he can treat are: asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney replacement, sickle cell anemia and cancer.

He informed that every sickness is spiritual because when the sickness is coming; if it were not spiritual you (the patient) would have been able to visualize it, adding that only physical injury is not spiritual.

“Any thing you do not see but you can see its manifestation is spiritual. Headache is spiritual; HIV/AIDS is spiritual and can be cured.

Describing the connection between the body and the soul and what makes the body vulnerable to sicknesses, he said the flesh is very weak such that when God created man in the flesh, the flesh couldn’t move until God put into it the spirit by breathing His spirit (the breadth of life) into man.

“But man decided to live in the flesh instead of the spirit. That is where our problems come from. That which gives joy to the flesh is an enemy to the spirit hence when the spirit is weak the flesh is happy and when the spirit is happy the flesh is weak and nothing can penetrate it because the spirit is high and nothing from the air, water or land can penetrate it.

“Have you ever been to a rice farm or a maize farm? Any bird that over feeds in the farm will be too heavy to fly and the farm owner catch it.”

He located most of the social vices prevalent in Nigeria and the world over on the desire of the flesh, which leads to greed and greed he emphasized , is absent in the spirit.

“We eat to enable us see the righteousness of God, we do not live because of food”.

Responding to a question on the role of witches and wizards in controlling the health status of a man, he said if a man’s soul is higher and he gives authority to his soul to be higher, “no weapon fashion against him shall prosper and a thousand and ten thousand shall come against him but they shall not overcome him.

“It is only when you give permission for witches and wizards to operate that they take over your elements and gradually destroy you.

“If a dog is sick it withdraws to a corner and refuses to eat. It nourishes the soul to recover. If dogs could do that, why not men try to realign themselves with God for perfection and healing. If you are perfect the positive radiation you emit will scare people with negative radiation away, so the fear of witches and wizards is unfounded.

He recalled that from day one, God created man with authority to determine his own life and if one chooses bad he falls into evil and if you choose the way of perfection no man can harm you but you must know that if you practice perfection, every authority of evil will come against you and by elevating the soul to the highest level of complete association with God, no man can penetrate you.

He cautioned against excesses of social life style saying that every one needs to have a limit to his social life style and when you do that, your soul will give signals in the form of Extra Sensitive Perception and once you do not have such signals, you are a dead living man because you are no longer in contact with God—you are living in the flesh, which is evil.

Asked to comment on demonic possession and the claims of deliverance, he said, there is no possessed person, even madness that he cannot cure.

“Demonic possession is the after effect of over reaction with the flesh and something went wrong, part of the body lost contact with the soul and there is need to spiritually replace the damaged part.”

After experiencing several life threatening incidences early in life, Dr. Avwokerega discovered his spiritual Master at the age of 21 and has been under his nurture for the past 43 years.

On Thursday, April 12, 2012 at about 9pm, he graduated to become a self independent Master.

“I am now having access to the blind spot where every thing concerning humanity can be sourced. I am a human engineer and therefore, there is no ailment I cannot cure” he said.

“I am a human chameleon; I take every thing in you, manifest them into my system before I know what you carry. The magnetic chameleonic system in me enables me to absorb every thing that is in the patient and you can compare it to the X-ray they do in orthodox hospital; then my engineering takes charge of the treatment and makes the body of the patient whole. We use no drugs, no herbs, no prayers, only the air.

“We do not heal, we treat. When you heal you pray but when you treat you do not subject yourself to prayers. We use our chameleonic treatment via the infusion of air into the patient’s body system and use the mechanic body absorption to make the body clean.

According to him, his charges vary depending on the cleanliness of the patient’s soul.