By Jon Egie



Prof Ibodje fields questions from reporters

Prof Ibodje fields questions from reporters

Prof. S.W.E. Ibodje, a frontline pan-Urhobo activist has described the emergence of Chief Emmanuel Agwariavwodo as the candidate of the PDP for the Delta Central senatorial bye-election as a true face of the PDP’s way.


He made the remark while fielding questions from reporters during the occasion of the conduct of the primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) held on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at the Ughelli Kingdom Hall, Ughelli.


Asked how he would describe the PDP primary election that shot up Chief Emmanuel Agwariavwodo as candidate, Prof Ibodje said, “it is not surprising since the PDP is known for stories of hearing directives from above.


“So, when there was a directive from above that it must be Agwariavwodo it was not surprising that Agwariavwodo emerged but they should have done it in a more subtle way not to anger those who had been in the race, spent money, made contacts and then to be arrogantly told to step down.


“In a normal situation where politicians are of independent minds this kind of treatment can be very dangerous.”


Asked further what he thinks could be the consequence of such arrogant directive from above on the PDP, the University don said the consequence “depends on the character of the affected PDP members themselves, many of them are just political jobbers so whatever they are told they just swallow it because they cannot bite the finger that feeds them.”


He refused to agree that the PDP’s action from above that threw up Agwariavwodo would avail the opposition an advantage in the bye-election saying “if they (coerced PDP aspirants) are people of worth who feel challenged as a man and they could react to the treatment given to them, then we could say that the action gives an advantage to the opposition, but if they are what they are, it makes no difference.


Asked to predict which direction the pendulum would swing along the  Agwariavwodo,Dafinone Emerhor  tripod , Prof Ibodje said “ if the average Urhobo man who has been crying over the death of Piu Ewherido really cares and you know that EMERHOR Otega is the one that is stepping into the shoes  Pius left, to sustain the aspirations of Pius Ewherido  in terms of what he stood for in Urhobo and the agenda he had for Urhobo, it is now that we will know those who were really pained by Pius’ death and those who were just shedding crocodile tears.”


He also opined that the absorption of the President General of UPU, General Aziza Patrick into the PDP elders’ forum which advises President Jonathan is contrary to UPU constitution.