By Atos Peter

Rt Hon Halims Agoda

Rt Hon Halims Agoda

Hon. Halims Agoda; has appealed to members of Comfort Ufuoma Club, Sapele, Delta State support in the next month Delta Central Senatorial election.
Agoda who made this appeal at the end of year party of the club in Amukpe Sapele, commended members of the club for their good conduct so far, and their total support for his political career all the years he has been in politics, stressing that he needed that support again so as to succeed in his senatorial race comes February 14th, 2015.
Earlier in his address, the out-going President of the club Chief
Joseph Kogoro (aka Orhonor of Okpe Kingdom), noted that the end of year party was another avenue for attracting dignitaries from all walks of life to felicitate with the club especially in appreciating God for sparing their lives to witness the end of the year.


Chief Kogoro, a Sapele based timber merchant, gave a brief history of the Club


Chief Eruwetaghware who is the current President of the Club, restated the aims and objectives of the body, noting that it was not in any form of a secret society as people may insinuate rather it is a body of people who have agreed to share ideas and knowledge, helping members and their families in all ramification, and that membership was still open to interested persons who meet their set standard.
On his part, Mr. Barry Tuoyo, another vibrant member of the club commended every member for their commitment and their total support for the growth of the organization, explaining that the Club is a forum for people of like-minds, where they share ideas together, support each other in terms of employments, businesses, scholarships to memberships’ children and the general growth of the society. He said membership is opened to any willing member of the society who meets the set standard of the club and such prospective member must be a male..