By Jon Egie



Prof Johnson Adjan

Prof Johnson Adjan

Prof Johnson Adjan, the Ogbu r’le of Urhobo land has cautioned budding and practicing Urhobo musicians to avoid greed so that they could prosper.

The Urhobo musical icon gave the advise during the occasion of celebration of the appointment of Dr Thompson Ulolo as the President of Ukoko r’buine ribedibede by the Good Friends Club, a social group which Dr Ulolo belongs; Wednesday, May 29.

As a man who started playing Urhobo music in the year 1976, Prof Adjan assessed that the Urhobo music industry is progressing but noted that there is an insignificant point at which the father beats the son in a competition.

He observed that present day Urhobo musicians are greedy and cheat their followers and this greed make their followers to desert.

He again cautioned the Urhobo musicians to realize that their strength lies on the loyalty and contribution of the members of their choir and hence charged the Urhobo musicians to stop being greedy.

Earlier, the Chairman of Good Friends Club, Hon Johnbull Ekama said the Club has membership strength of over 75 with the President of Ukokor’buine ribedibede, Dr Thimpson Ulolo as their Treasurer.

He said the Club decided to rejoice with the new President of the Urhobo musicians having earlier encouraged him to contest the office amd emerged victorious.

Hon Ekama lamented that living musical icons in Urhobo land like Chief Diamond Icheghe and Prof Johnson Adjan are not encouraged and celebrated by the Urhobo people and therefore called for a change of attitude.

He noted that the event was to honour Dr Thompson Ulolo on his appointment as President of the Ukokor’buine ribedibede and recognition of the honorary doctorate degree awarded to him recently.

Responding on behalf of the Urhobo musicians, Chief Toro Onorume traced the history of the leadership of the Ukokor’buine ribedibede fro Omokomoko to when Thompson Ulolo assumed office as President.

He derided the behavior of the immediate past President, Chief Okpan Arhibo in attempting to derail the course of the Urhobo musicians. He said leadership and membership of the Ukokor’buine ribedibede is based on loyalty and expressed gratitude to the Good Friends Club for their support.

In a complimentary speech, Chief Barr Nathaniel Oruma compared the emergence of Thompson Ulolo as President of the Urhobo musiciains to that of Ibori and President Jonathan in the leadership of Delt and Nigeria respectively stressing that not until the latter duo emerged as leaders in Nigeria, very little was known about them and therefore called for cooperation with the administration of Thompson Ulolo as President of Urhobo musicians.