Apostle John Guobadia

Apostle John Guobadia

And God said to me while I was praying, “son of man prophesy to your nation and say, thus says the Lord, within ten years time, Nigeria will be free from the encumbrances of Satan, from the oppression of the enemy and she will enter the throne of her glorious destiny. In ten years time, Nigeria will be among the ten most prosperous nations of the world with peace. What is written about the pains and sufferings of Nigeria will come to an end.”

Thus says the Lord, I have come to redeem you so as to bring you into my purpose and Nigeria shall be a safe nation for all her inhabitants to dwell in. I need every Nigerian to sacrifice an offering for this project to be carried out; I need an offering of N5,000 from each person. Believe in the project and give towards it and I will bless you.

These are what to be done with the offering

  1. Dissipate darkness in Nigeria at all levels
  2. Reintegrate Nigeria back to nation hood spiritually
  3. Raising an altar of sacrifice in Nigeria as in building a national praise house for me
  4. Raising an army of restorers in Nigeria to care for her needs and well being.

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the Nation-Nigeria (Isaiah 1:19) says the spirit of the Lord.

Just as Prophet Elisha in 2nd Kings 7:1 prophesied in Samaria when the land was besieged by Benhadad, King of Syria and his armies, so God has sent me to prophesy to Nigerians that a glorious NEW NIGERIA will emerge where every one from East, West, North and South will be satisfied within the space of ten years.

God who is the creator of the earth and all that dwells in it (Psalm 24:1) says that Nigeria is among the ten greatest nations of the world, He has mandated theis Commission to lead the nation to her destined positioning in the comity of nations. As a result, God is calling on all well meaning Nigerians to give towards this project of RESTORING NIGERIA to her glorious destiny.





There are twelve powers of darkness and a principality that influence and control the affairs of Nigeria and Nigerians nationally. They have lesser powers networking with them in the 36 States of the nation, the various local government areas, the various kingdoms, communities and families. Their activities are behind the pains and suffering Nigerians are going through in this country. God has mandated this Commission to bring them down and free Nigeria from their grip and hold.



Nigeria wall of unity has crumbled, giving way for the emergence of five nations that has not manifested physically. But the physical disintegration of Nigeria has been programmed for the year 2014 that is why GOD has moved ahead of the enemies by mandating this Commission to raise the crumbled wall of Nigeria unity in 2013 through intercession and prophetic actions.



God has commanded this Commission to build a national praise house in Abuja where praises shall be offered unto God on behalf of the nation, Nigeria; that will move God to have mercy on the nation, so as to bless her (Psalm 67:1-7).



This Commission has been mandated to raise armies of restoration at all levels,  Intercessors that will bear the burden of God for the restoration of Nigeria, men and women that will be used by God to care for the nation spiritually (Isaiah 62:6-7). The task is enormous that is why God is sending this message to all Nigerians to support this cause with their finances.

God said that any one that is giving Him this offering of five thousand naira (N5, 000) should ask Him for one thing and it shall be done for such a person

Send this offering to Apostle John I.D. Guobadia through any of the following accounts numbers:

ZENITH Bank (1004048931, 2081438165)

FIRST Bank (3067112109)

ECO Bank (0045483717)

UNION Bank (0038431464)

UBA (2059845669)


God bless you as you obey Him, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am God’s Messenger

Apostle John Guobadia

National Coordinator, Global Restoration Movement (08076801644, 08160753434, 08123494516)