By Jon Egie




Chief Ogobene waving APC bye-bye

Chief Ogobene waving APC bye-bye

A Chieftain of the APC in Orogun, Ughelli North LGA, Chief Immanuel Ogobene, is set to dump the party for the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Chief Ogobene announced his decision to leave the APC in an analogy he presentenced on his facebook page, yesterday (Monday, April 23) when he described his experience with the APC as harrowing and excruciating to his economic survival and therefore was ready to wave the APC “bye-bye”.

He recalled his days in the PDP dating back to 1999 and the prosperity that accrued from patronage of his business that buoyed his economic activities and compared the situation to when he joined the APC in 2015 following fraternity of his kinsmen who were in the APC but later cut social and economic link with him when they had used him to achieve their desired goals.

Chief Ogobene was rather confused as to retracing his step and going back to the PDP, his first political family that provided so much comfort for his membership especially when he is confronted with the option of the SDP, which he described as a political party with retired and experienced politicians that are regrouping and has promised him a leadership position that befits his status and due recognition.

Although he has made up his mind, he used the Song of legendary Jimmy Cliff “Going Back West” to ask which direction to go as he leaves the APC, back to the PDP or the ‘new church’?

Spy News Online reliably gathered that in a short moment Chief Ogobene will publicly declare his membership of the SDP as he was perfecting arrangement for his admission with top leadership of the SDP at the national level.

Contacted, the Delta State Chairman of the SDP, Amb Oke Idawene said he was in picture of the development. Asked if Ogobene was welcome to the party, the SDP Chairman said: “he is welcome to add his wealth of experience to the party. SDP has won a big fish and I enjoin others to follow him.”

Below is the narrative of Chief Ogobene while announcing his decision to leave the APC:

GOING BACK WEST by Jimmy Cliff.

l have been in a church since 1999 with joy and love for ourselves ,we celebrated together when one is celebrating. I got different juicy contracts that I was able to uplift my economic values to the admiration of all but sadly in 2015 my brother opened his own church and I decided to leave my church of since 1999 to join my brother’s church , I was made the chairman of the elders and leaders of this my brother’s church . I have noticed that since I joined this my brother’s church all my beautiful dresses have changed colours; cars and other properties have been sold for one offering or the other in anticipation for a miracle.I started noticing retardation, depreciation in all my businesses , no contract to execute as an experienced contractor,old ones were even terminated and previous job certificates were refused payments. My brothers who is now the general overseer of my new found church is living luxuriously at the height of satisfaction of life,he has refused to pick my calls. My brother I had sleepless night to give the best of reception on his arrival after his ordination . Even text messages he has refused to reply. Hence I remembered this song by Jimmy Cliff of blessed memory ‘Going Back West’ of the early 70s.I am considering two options as a sexagenarian who will not like to change church again with his family and friends. My old church of 1999 has been sending their elders/ leaders that I should come back to my former church, and a new church of retired and experienced people want me as an elder and a foundation member in their new church formation. If you are to be wearing these my shoes what would you do? Can you leave your brother even if you are dying of hunger, neglect, respect and recognition or I should wave  him bye bye?