By Jon Egie




Ejiroghene Abel Ukpegwa speaking with journalists in Asaba.

Okpegwa Ejiroghene Abel  speaking with journalists in Asaba.

The Democratic People Party (DPP) is poised to wrest power from the PDP in Delta State as the party is employing new strategies different from its old ways.

Chairman of the New Face of DPP,  Okpegwa Ejiroghene Abel made this disclosure, Thursday, February 22, 2018 in Asaba.

He expressed appreciation to the teeming members of the DPP for their loyalty so far assuring that the re-born DPP will not undermine their thrust.

According to him, the structure of the party is being reorganized from the state, local government areas down to the units level stressing that funding which used to be a problem to the party has been overcome and hence, the grassroots and leaders of the party will be sufficiently motivated and mobilized to tackle the PDP and take over Government House, Asaba in a free and fair election.

Okpegwa said the DPP is the present day alternative destination for politicians and the party will welcome fresh and returning members to their original home.

“All aggrieved people are accepted to the DPP. We are fetching the aggrieved in every local government to the New Face of DPP. We are crossing our‘t’ and dotting our ‘ i ‘ and we are confident that 2019 is a sure victory for us” he said.

He informed that the DPP is sourcing for a governorship candidate, especially a technocrat with a proven track record, and not necessarily a career politician, for the 2019 governorship election in Delta State.

He dismissed fear of the power of incumbency that could be utilized to the advantage of the PDP saying that by the vogue of technology in the modern day society, the instrument of incumbency has been rendered useless more especially as the 2019 general elections will be conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and not the Delta State Independent Election Commission (DSIEC).

“In the present day, the reins and influence of a political party over and above the will of the people is over. In today’s politics, we look at a credible candidate and not party politics.

“Deltans, it is time to defend and reclaim your stolen victory. The DPP has not lost any election before. Renew and remain steadfast in your faith in the DPP and the New Face of DPP will not disappoint you. We will participate in all contests in the 2019 general elections ranging from the State House of Assembly, National Assembly And the Governorship election. We have a blue print that will run during and after the elections so come out enmasse to give your support to the DPP in 2019 and we will recover all.” Okpegwa urged