By Abavo Kingsley in Benin



President-elect, Donald Trump

President-elect, Donald Trump

Electors across political divide in the United States will on Monday, December19, 2016 go into Electoral College to officially select the next President that will occupy the White House after the exit of President Barack Obama in January, 2017.

Though Donald Trump of the Republican political party emerged winner of the first phase of the election last November, his antagonists have called for re – count of the votes in States in which they believed Hilary Clinton had strong outing but have been manipulated.

In addition, they have embarked on aggressive campaign urging Electors not to vote Trump on December19, and even asking those that voted him before, to withdraw their support for him.

But no weapon fashioned against God’s anointed shall prosper, so it is written in the scripture.

Let it be known now, that God who created heaven and earth, has hand in the 2016 America election and Trump victory, was divine connection.

May be, sharing my experience concerning the 2016 America election would make Trump antagonists have a re – think.

Sometime in July, 2016, though I cannot remember the exact date now, I had this encounter that still make me marvel about God’s mysterious ways.

I had this encounter at a time, I did not even know those vying for the America Presidency, America and her election were not in any way on my mind. So, there was no connection at all.

On this fateful night, I went to bed at about 12 mid – night and immediately I shut my eyes for the first round of sleep, I heard a voice in space that declared emphatically; “Donald Trump is the next President of America”.

This experience jolted me awake as I was in shock and confusion, wondering whose voice it was, where it came from, and meaning of the declaration especially as it was emphatic.

I wondered what could be the connection between me and America, its election and presidency.

What was the declaration suppose to mean to me, and generally? I could not find any interpretation leading to an answer.

After about an hour in my own world of wondering about the experience and its meaning without an answer, I decided to shut my mind to it so that I can find sleep again.

No sooner than I fell asleep, I heard the voice again saying; “Because God want to establish a new world order.” And it went dead with the whole environment surrounding me in the night remaining very silent, no noise whatsoever.

Again, I was jolted awake thinking what could be the meaning of the experience.

The more I tried interpreting the declaration which was also a message, and finding a meaning, the more I relapsed into confusion without finding any answer. At the end, I managed to go back to sleep.

When it was dawn, I began to think again about the night experience, and whether I should share it with some other persons. But I was indecisive because I feared that I could be rebuked and called names by doubting Thomases.

However, I was also filled with the fear of failing to disseminate the message as I could be offending the sender, God Himself.

After awhile, I was emboldened with God’s word in the scripture that He honours His word even more than His name, and that none of His word will come back to Him void without fulfillment till the end of time.

At this point, I decided to relate it to a few persons; some believed but some did not, saying Trump can never win the America Presidency because he had not the requirement and had displayed negative character and personality.

While watching Trump and Clinton electoral debate which was televised live globally, at my work place, colleagues ranted about the Trump personality and it was condemnation all the way. But due to the previous experience I had concerning God’s declaration and message, I told them that they were watching the next America President; Trump.

For this, I was attacked with all verbal venom and labeled all sorts of names. But I was not bothered because they did not witness when I had the experience which was difficult to prove to them at the time.

Even two days to the election when we argued about the chances of Trump and Clinton, many never still believed that he could emerge winner.

But because God would always honour His word, Donald Trump against all odds emerged President – elect of America.

Let the election hold 100 times, he will still emerge winner hence God’s ways are mysterious and He will always honour His word.

It should be noted that Trump as President – elect, is a fulfillment of the first phase of the eventful July, 2016 night experience that I had. What is remaining now and everyone should be looking out for, is the fulfillment of the second phase; “Because God wants to establish a new world order”.

Though, I am not a prophet, but it is on record that God can use anyone to deliver His message and fulfill His design and will.

In sober reflection, it is clear that America is a nation established on God’s foundation hence its motto; “In God we trust”. And it is a general assertion; ‘God’s own country.’

However, in the 2016 America election, God resolved to disgrace the Democrats as they have led the nation away from Him which climaxed in the President Obama administration.

America took liberalism to the extreme and now God wants to take the nation back to Himself and through Trump, He wants to establish a new world order pronto! (Right away).

Do not ask how, for He will always keep His word.

Believe it or not, what I have related is true and only God is my witness. But let it be known once again, that I am not a prophet neither have I claimed to be one.