By Jon Egie

On Saturday, July 21 I took time to visit Comrade Olori Magege, the Executive Chairman of Delta State Waste Management Board in his home at Agbarho. Reason, to have a face to face chat with him especially on the subject of his claim to the knowledge of the next governor of Delta State, hoping, maybe I could get a scoop if he goofed.

Chief Comrade Olori Magege

Chief Comrade Olori Magege

It took him time to attend to me as he took turn to pay attention to the various groups that were in his ‘Ekere’ political hall for one demand or the other and when at last it was my turn, the first salvo I fired at him was to establish if his power of predictions that have so far come true is based on calculations of political dynamics or whether it has some esoteric background.

Calmly but firmly, Magege retorted; “When I predicted in 2007, that the election of Governor Uduaghan will be annulled and it came to pass in 2011, what political dynamics could explain that? When I predicted that Oshiomhole, Aregbesola, Fayemi, Mimiko Obi and I advised the Senate President that he must settle with Young Alhaji if not he is out of the Senate, what political dynamics could inform that? When I also said that Ewherido would defeat Amori and I refused to announce it because of party loyalty, what political dynamics could explain that?”

He continued, “Matters spiritual are not matters of human comprehension. When you talk to God it is personal one on one line and it is a gift. Some people can trivialize it that is their problem but the man who will be governor of Delta State in 2015, I talked with him this morning and I told him, you are the anointed and at the appropriate time I will see him one on one. And the man told me that he had a dream two days earlier in which he was in a meeting with 25 persons and seven persons among the 25 rose up and offered him a cap like a crown and the reflection on the emeralds on the crown was dazzling. I told him that the 25 persons he was talking about are the 25 LGAs in Delta State and that the seven persons who rose up within the meeting and talked to him are representing the seven tribes of Delta State; Urhobo, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Isoko, Ukuani, Anioma and Igbo who offered him a crown. Matters spiritual are no matters for hypothesis and analysis, and it will happen. When in 2007, I said that Ogboru will never be governor of this State they thought I was joking, has he been governor now?”
Asked to give a graphic description of the 2015 anointed governor of Delta State, he refused, citing security reasons and saying “you mean I should expose the man that is ill prepared right now so that you can put him on front page and then hired killers will go after him?”

Challenged to use his spiritual binoculars to view and comment on what he sees of the political future of the North as located in the person of General Muhammadu Buhari, Magege said, “Buhari is a spent force” and in exacerbating the political status of the North, he said, “Buhari is the Ogboru of the North” so he can never be President of Nigeria. But he gave credits to Buhari as being useful because he is the man who holds the conscience of the opposition. He has a role to play but he will not be President of this country, he said.

Quizzed on the validity of his predictions as they relate to when he began proclamation on public issues, he maintained, “it is a gift” which came to limelight in 2007 but warned that the public should not focus on the Messenger rather they should give heed to the Message he delivers.

“The Urhobo nation should align, knowing fully well that an Urhobo son knows who the governor of Delta State in 2015 will be. They should align so that if the man is not an Urhobo then Urhobo will be kingmaker and if the man is an Urhobo then Urhobo will also be kingmaker because Urhobo will make the governor and Urhobo will have the control of power.

Asked if he saw the crash of the political ambition of Chief Peter Okocha for whom he was the mouth speak during the 2007 guber race in Delta, Magege declined comment.

After the second tenure of Governor Uduaghan, there is the possibility of the governor remaining in active politics, so asked if he sees Uduaghan emerging as the Senator representing Delta South Senatorial district? Again, Magege said “no comment”.

On the prevailing concept of disunity among Urhobo politicians, a tendency that has become a clog in the wheel of Urhobo political progress, Magege declared, “we must hold Amori, Amioku, Sefia and their like responsible for the political misfortune of the Urhobo nation and until they recount and repent they have no future in Urhobo. They caused the problem Urhobo nation is facing politically. We cannot be responsible for the action of others but we must be responsible for our reaction. They were in position to rescue Urhobo nation but for their selfish and personal reasons they did not and the history of Urhobo will condemn them forever. You cannot ruin the politics of Urhobo forever, you could have done that for a short time but Urhobo will bounce back and Urhobo is bouncing back, that is why DCPM (Delta Central Political Movement) is out and is the wave of Delta State. Urhobo will recover but Amori, Amioku, Sefia and their like will not recover, and they will be consigned to the rubbish pit of history as the people who sold Urhobo for peanuts.

Asked to predict the political opportunity open to the people of Delta North in 2015, “no comment, that is a comment for the North” Magege replied.

Prodded further if from the esoteric prism he has gotten a glance of the political future of Delta North, “no comment” he maintained.

“Is our next governor a Christian?” the negative response reverberate “no comment”.

So asked to advise Deltans against the 2015 political year, Magege called for all to join DCPM.
“Follow who know road period. All these stories, stories; we said we know the governor, I have no relationship with Ondo State so I have no reason to know whether Mimiko will win or not, I have no interest in Ekiti State to know that to say that Fayemi will win, I have no interest in Osun State to know Aregbsela will win, I have no interest in Edo State to know Oshiomhole will win or in Anambra to know Obi will win or in Rivers to know that Amaechi will win in the Supreme court. A prophet is not known in his own country. Let us not focus on the Messenger, let us focus on the Message. When I say I know who the next governor is do you know the penalty to lie on spirituality? It is a serious matter and in the spirit realm you do not lie. Let us queue and line up, this is the path to Urhobo emancipation, the path to remove Urhobo from political bondage. But there will always be factors, individuals, who for selfish reasons will pursue their own agenda. It is okay, it is all part of the political equation.”

At this point I asked Magege to explain the import of the use of the word ‘never’ referred to Ogboru earlier and to ascertain if the case of Ogboru is closed. “It is not closed” he replied but “dead”.

He said Ogboru is like a Pastor in a Ministry and that the Pastor will not close the service until he has collected all the tithes and offerings must be collected before he closes the service. Ogboru will not, will never be governor of this State”.

Asked to advise Ogboru’s fans based on his prediction, Magege said, “I will not advise his fans because hey are fanatics. A man deceived you in 2003, 2007 and the man comes with nothing, every four years he comes, enriches himself with hundreds of million of naira, he goes home to settle all his debts and we are still following him? The man medicine strong oh…, he is a powerful juju man. It is ridiculous.”